How we Work


We kick off the brainstorming process by working out the best way to bring your ideas to life in the most creative, logical way possible. We’ll help map your projects journey from creation to completion, through creative ideas, research and client collaboration.


The fun then begins with creative exploration, starting with a pencil and pad (or the odd scrap piece of paper), we create and eliminate concepts, create mock-ups and wireframes while progressively critiquing until both client and designer are in sync and sharing one creative vision.


With your visual elements finalised, we can then develop an approach to applying your new graphic to the necessary aspects of the company, including: digital platforms and email signatures, stationary and print material, newsletters and marketing material.

What we Do

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

It is well understood that the graphical identity or business logo of your company is one of the most crucial elements when considering your public image and relation to your current and potential customers or clients.

Whether it be developing a brand new logo for a new business or re-designing an existing identity that is growing tired and just not cutting the mustard in today’s market, we can offer a total design solution to give your project a visual presence you can be proud of.

We strive to offer a complete logo design service that is professional, long lasting and will instil confidence in the company it represents.

Branding Strategy & Rebranding

The graphical representation of a product or service can often be the component to ‘make or break’ its success. From concept through to execution, your brand’s visual markings should reflect everything from the quality and desirability of the product to the values and visions of the company behind it.
It will incorporate reliability and dependability while giving a visual presence to your company standards and commitment to your customers.
We research your market, your competition, your history and your future in order to give your brand the personality it needs to be recognised and desired within a growing market.

This affords us the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a branding solution that is as exciting as a new love while offering the confidence of an old friend.

Print Design & Management

Structured information presented in a professional, clear & concise visual manner. Aesthetically pleasing while representing you, what your business does and the value of your product or service. Invoking confidence and extending your business image beyond the initial target and into a more wide-spread demographic.

We want you to feel good when handing your material out to colleagues, business acquaintances and new customers, you should… It’s your business!

Poprocket Design offer a total print management solution that will see your project through from a sketch on a napkin to a finished product delivered to your door. We use a large range of print and stock suppliers and select accordingly to achieve the best quality print service at the best possible price.

Web & Digital Design

Reinforce your brand’s presence and wow your customers and potential clients by giving them a clean, intuitive browsing experience. We aim to give your project a digital life of it’s own by offering a fully responsive web design service that will look as fantastic on handheld devices as it does on the big screen.

We provide clients across Australia with everything from direct email campaigns to digital marketing solutions, with complete digital design packages that will have your project soaring above the competition.

Whether it be a simple landing page or a sales based web-store we have you covered.